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Borrowing It

Business grants and assistance

PROTECT YOURSELF A few things to remember when researching government grants and assistance… - all official government websites have .gov.au at the end (so if you see a .com or a .org it’s not a government site) - none of the programs charge a fee to apply for a grant - all decisions about grants are based on merit – you can't pay for special access.

What could possibly go wrong?

PAY $73,000 MORE In 2014 alone 332,000 investors borrowed an average of $430,000 in interest only loans to buy Australian real estate. Over a typical 25 year loan* those investors can expect to pay an extra $72,953 dollars each in interest on average. [* assuming 5%p.a., a 10 year interest free period and $10 per month fees.]

Cancelling direct debits

WATCH THOSE “T & C”s Often direct debits from a credit card are linked to a contract for goods or services which you have purchased. As such it may be a term of the contract that you pay by direct debit. You could therefore be in breach of your contract if you cancel the arrangement. Make sure you check the terms and conditions, and if necessary seek professional advice. Note also that cancelling a payment arrangement may not relieve you of your obligations under your contract with your biller. Check the cancellation terms and again… if necessary seek professional advice.