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Listed Property Funds – REITs

STAPLED SECURITIES Some REITs offer hybrid structures called ‘stapled securities’. These give you exposure to the funds management and/or property development business, as well as the real estate itself. A share in a stapled securities fund usually consists of one trust unit and one share in the management company, and cannot be traded separately. The trust holds the portfolio of assets, and the company manages the trust and any development opportunities.

Property and Self Managed Superannuation Funds

BEWARE OF THE SOLE PURPOSE TEST Your fund must be maintained for the sole purpose of providing retirement benefits to members, (or to their dependants if a member dies before retirement). If you contravene the sole purpose test, the fund may lose its concessional tax treatment, and the trustees could face civil and criminal penalties. So you will need to make sure your property investment satisfies this purpose.

Property investment tips

TAKE THE TIME TO CHOOSE A GOOD PROPERTY MANAGER Some questions to ask yourself about a potential manager… How focused is the agency on property management (as opposed to sales)? Are the managers licensed real estate agents who are dedicated to the rental business? How good is their knowledge of local rental conditions (rates and vacancy levels)? Do they seem to have thorough systems in place for screening new tenants, dealing with repairs and maintenance, and regular inspections? Do they appear knowledgeable about the Residential Tenancies Act, and capable of dealing with bond authorities, corporate/strata bodies and difficult tenants?