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Peter Lynch Publisher

Hello – welcome to the site designed to get your financial affairs on track.

Everyone gets basic schooling in maths, geography, history, even economics – but not how to make a really simple plan for financing all of life’s obvious financial landmarks – a home, health care, family and finally, a comfortable retirement.

Where do you go for unbiased, independent help?

There are plenty of people out there who say they are on your side. But, as we’ve all read recently, not all of them have your best interests at heart. It’s hard to tell who you should listen  to – especially if no-one explains the basics.

So we’ve produced this free source of good, sound and simple information.   The Really Simple Guide to Money and The Really Simple Guide to Super have been published by Big Splash Media for four years.

Now, the editorial and management teams of these successful brands are working together on YOUR behalf online.

When we first set out with our magazines, cynical financial professionals told us we were wasting our time.  That the Australian people  don’t really want to know about how to run your personal finances.  That’s why they are fair game for shonky products and white-shoe salesmen.

We never believed that.

And when we produced our simple, jargon-busting publications, we had fantastic reaction from readers – even professional financial advisers rang to congratulate us.

So now we’ve launched this site.

Together with you, we want to create a community bringing those that want to help together with those that need it. After all, the more help we get, the stronger we’ll all become.

There is heaps of free stuff out there. This site – and our new magazine, on sale now – helps you find and use what matters. There are pitfalls for the unwary. We hope to guide you so you can avoid them.

So sign up for our newsletters. They are free, but we believe you’ll save or make money with every edition.

We’re not professional advisers. We don’t sell financial products or services. We’re not day traders or speculators. We’re independent journalists.

We won’t be promoting get-rich-quick schemes and spruikers. We probably won’t make you millionaires.

But we will provide honest-to-goodness help where we can. And we think we can make your financial planning easy, quick and fun – so you can get on with living the life you want!

So send us your stories, tips and ideas, so we can share them. And start thinking about your financial plan today… It can be easy – and amazingly rewarding!

Of course, we are a commercial undertaking.  We don’t charge subscriptions, but we do have to cover the costs of our journalists who write the articles we carry on the site.

But we are a little bit different. In today’s world, many brands are covert about who is paying for content.  We will never be deceptive.

Anything on our site is here because we believe it is the best way to save money.

But we do allow links to those working with us – if someone clicks through, the link is tracked and may generate a payment to the site. The details vary – sometimes the payment’s per click, per user, per application, per accepted application or any combination.

We only track individuals’ data if you’ve consented. We will we never sell your information to third parties without your permission.

We don’t believe this compromises our promise to provide independent unbiased help. And it does allow us to offer all of these services for free.

If you feel unhappy about anything you find on our site, we welcome your comments on our Forum.

Thanks for joining our community. Let’s get started!

Peter Lynch





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