Really Simple Money Team

How to choose the right credit card

“UP TO 55 DAYS INTEREST FREE” – READING THE FINE PRINT The fine print says 25 days from your statement date

  • so its 55 days only for what you buy the day after the statement date

  • better to think of is as “at least 25 days interest free”

  • and be warned… 
if you don’t pay the full balance by the due date you lose your interest-free period for all purchases.

Getting good advice

BAD APPLES AND GOOD NEWS Recent high profile cases underline the dangers of choosing the wrong financial adviser. The good news is that new laws* mean advisers…
  • are now far more qualified
  • must offer advice in your best interests
  • can’t be paid a commission by product providers
…and it isn’t hard to choose a good one… * this doesn’t apply to advice given before 1 July 2013 so if you have implemented older advice, think about reviewing your plans.

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