Ok, I know. It’s Saturday, DJs and Myer are both having sales and shopping is on the agenda.

So the last thing you want me to talk about is your credit card debt, right?

But it’s actually the perfect time. And it’s not all bad news!

Because the banks are now so keen to win your custom, they are making some incredible deals to woo you. So don’t stop reading!

Some of us are natural savers. Some of us live for the moment, constantly seeking the next adventure and rarely giving a thought to tomorrow.

The credit card could have been invented for them.

But because banking is built on our paying to borrow money, the honeypot of credit card debt – and all the fees that go with it – is where financial institutions can earn the most.

And because of our addiction, they earn billions.

The perfect way to get your own back on the banks is to pay off your debt each month. That way, you get free credit. They hate that!

But first, you need to get back in balance.

Some credit cards charge as much as 25 per cent on outstanding balances. It’s not hard to see, when the bank rate is 1.5 per cent, that a personal loan could save you heaps instantly. And we don’t mean a pay day loan – though that’s a whole other story.

Aussie, for instance, will “save you!” with a rate of.

So spend a few minutes shopping around on comparison sites like Cannex or Mozo. Finder.com.au, for instance, has a loan from Ratesetter at 8.86% comparison rate.

There, that wasn’t too painful.

In future weeks, we’ll be suggesting ways to pay off the amount you borrow more quickly.

If you have questions, pop over to our Forum and drop us a line.

And if you’re off to the shops, remember: that dress or those shoes is in the dumpster for a reason.



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