CLAIM $1,000 towards a purchase of a luxury Queensland apartment.

This offer is only valid for 14 days - to redeem your $1000 click the button below... But hurry this offer last only 14 days.


Why this is a great idea

Bricklets are small fragments of the whole property. Owners of property fragments are afforded all the same benefits as if owning the whole property.

Bricklet is the marketplace that makes buying property fragments simple.  It is a great way to take your first step to building your property portfolio.

How it works

At Really Simple Money we love it when money making ideas are's in our name! 
That's why we love Bricklets - with an investment as low as $19,500 + your $1,000 prize you can own your share in a million dollar property. 

You will enjoy all the rental income that is evenly distributed among all Bricklet owners. Your name is on the deeds for your security.

On your investors' platform you can see when your property increases in value.  You can sell your Bricklet at any time and make a profit!

Set Up.

Select the property you are interested in and set up a Bricklet account and you’re ready to buy!

Deposit Funds.

The purchase process is the same as purchasing any other property. And we will help you all the way through. 

Step #3

As soon as the results are in you owne a Bricklet with your name on the property title.

Who Should Register?

If you are:

  • Looking to get into property investing but don't know where to start.
  • Want an easy way to scale your property poperty portfolio that low risk.
  • Don't have the funds to invest in a property but want to start.
  • Have idle savings that are not making a return.

Meet Some Recent Bricklets Owners


Brought her Bricklet a few months ago and the value of Bricklet has now increased so she is now in the look out for a new investment!

Had never invested in property as the risk was to high. Over the time Ronald plans to diversity his assets and not be stuck with huge amounts of debt.

Is 24 and now has his name on a the title to his first property investment. Sam's investment is now growing and in a short time he saw a return on his Bricklet.

Learn More About Bricklet & Get $1,000 towards your first investment!

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