Tired of the toilet paper queue and trying to convene that Zoom meeting with work colleagues? Not sure what the etiquette of social distancing on the streets is?

So what are we doing during our social isolation?

Well, there’s research for that – and it couldn’t come too soon, as far as we are concerned.

Fickle lot that we are, we’re already starting to show Covid-19 fatigue. Cases may be rising, but our online behaviour shows we’re bored. The UK and the US show the same trend,  according to Amobee’s Brand Intelligence for Adnews.

But we’re stocking up and preparing to hibernate.

Bauer Media says numbers on Womens Weekly’s food site have soared and Gourmet Traveller is reprinting its last edition. Interest in “stand mixers” is up 177% – we’re all turning into masterchefs at home, it seems.

News about beauty – our skin is drying out, thanks to all those hugely expensive hand sanitisers. According to Adnews, hand cream interest is up 1000%.

working from homeYes, we’re working from home. Searches online are up over 1,200% from the yearly average, and interest in office equipment is up 250% from March 1 – correlating with the government’s recommendations to work from home.

Adnews reports newly-released video game Animal Crossing: New Horizon is de rigour with interest up 62% online.

Need gear?  We’re obviously in a savings mood as H&M and Free People are the most engaging brands.

Pet adoption is exploding with interest increasing 480% in the last seven days. So we’re lonely.

And, of course, while stocking up and good sites may be soaring,  practical means we’re turning to food delivery services.

UBER Eats interest is up 770%, driven by panic and new supermarkets restrictions. And “freezers” has replaced fridges as a search term.

Welcome to your new world!

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