If you are a millennial, then the concept of superannuation must seem strangely futuristic.

By the time you reach retirement age, who knows what technological advances will have occurred.

It will likely be a world of driverless cars, robots, artificial intelligence and also perhaps spaceships.

Now, it seems you can invest in that future with your super through a new fund called Spaceship, which has an investment strategy focused on futuristic high technology stocks.

Where most super funds will include the usual suspects such as BHP, Telstra and a couple of big banks, your super money in Spaceship will also go into the likes of Tesla and Netflix.

Describing itself as a “diversified super portfolio with technology at its core,”, Spaceship does hold shares in the older blue-chips but supplements that a portfolio which also includes Chinese e-commerce players Alibaba and Tencent , and Silicon Valley darlings like Amazon, Apple and Cisco.

“Technology is important to us,” says Paul Bennetts, the co-founder and chief executive of Spaceship.

“We use Snapchat every hour, Netflix every night, Uber every weekend, and Airbnb every holiday, and yet we haven’t seen technology spread through our super portfolios.”

Continuing the pitch to millennials, Bennetts says it is investing over a 20 to 40 year time horizon, with the idea that the Spaceship will land just as the millennials reach retirement.

The fund has copped some flak over its fees, and investors should check out the product disclosure statement carefully, but Spaceship is certainly an interesting and different addition to the list of super options.

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