At 22 years of age, Hunter Jourdan is juggling her university studies and two part-time jobs. She is a nanny and disability worker.

Despite her youth, Jourdan has made her first foray into property investment this year – buying two Bricklets in residential developments in Sydney and Brisbane for a total of $38,000.

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“I am lucky as I am still living at home with parents so my outgoings are pretty low,” she told Really Simple Money.

“I heard from my elder brother Sam about Bricklet and chatted about how I can invest in a slice of an apartment by buying a Bricklet. Sam has also invested in Bricklets. So together with my dad, we worked out the sums and did the homework.

“As I had savings of $10,000 of my own, I decided to take out a $25,000 loan from Community First Credit Union and bought a Bricklet at a residential development in Manly called Porteno at the cost of $18,000 and another $20,000 Bricklet at another residential development Chester & Ella in Brisbane’s Newstead.”

Bricklet investors, Sam Jourdan and his sister Hunter

In the Manly development, she decided to take out a Buy Now Pay Later option with Bricklet and has set aside repayments of about $100 a week for the Bricklet.

She hopes to receive her first rental income from the Brisbane investment in the next few months which she hopes will deliver a yield of 4.98per cent.

The Manly residential block is still being developed and is scheduled for completion by mid-2022.

Ms Jourdan is pretty savvy how she allocates her earnings every month.

As a casual worker, her salary varies but on average she earns about $2400 a month. Her monthly repayments include $500 to repay her Credit Union loan, $300- $400 into the Manly Bricklet repayment under the Buy Now Pay Later scheme and $240 into a generosity fund (to help charitable causes). She also tops up her emergency fund and keeps it at $2000 in case of any emergency spending.

At the end of each week, she is left with about $300-$400 which she spends on groceries, clothes and going out with friends. She admits she has a weakness for online shopping, especially clothes.

“Anything I do not spend, I will put the money into my Manly Bricklet repayments as I have $5000 left to pay off by June next year. I also put money aside for future travel.

“Right now, I’ve got my hands full but I have been thinking of buying shares to add to my portfolio but that will have to wait until later.

“Investing in property works for me as I did not want to have all my eggs in one basket – I did not want to be saddled with saving for a 20 per cent deposit to buy my first residential property and then having to repay a massive mortgage.

“With Bricklets, I have a foot in the property ladder as I am a property investor – that’s really cool,” she says.

While the long-term goal is to eventually own a property of her own – right now, she is quite content living with her parents and her two Bricklet investments.

Bricklet launched in 2019 offers investors the ability to buy a slice of the real estate for as little as $20,000. Your name is on the property title with other co-owners.

As Bricklet CEO Darren Younger says: “Buying bricklets is no different from buying a unit, except that you are buying small portions or fragments of the real estate.”

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