Australia is still a nation of homeowners with 31 per cent owning their property outright and 34 per cent still paying off their mortgage.

This a quick snapshot of the 2016 Census out this week.

Here are another 10 key findings.

*Australia’s population now stands at 24.4 million – up by two million since the last census five years ago.

* The median weekly income of Australians is $662 – an improvement from $577 in 2011.  ACT has the highest median income at $998 a week with Tasmania the lowest at $573.  The weekly median income for other states include WA $724, NSW $664, Victoria $644, Queensland $660, SA $600 and NT $871.

* The median monthly mortgage repayment was $1755.

* With soaring housing prices, the share of property sales to first-time buyers has plummeted to record low levels below 14 per cent.

* More than six million Australians lived in houses, more than 1 million lived in semi-detached or terrace houses and another 1 million lived in apartments.

*Almost 35 per cent of houses and apartments had one registered car, 36 per cent had two motor vehicles and 18 per cent had three or more cars.

* More people are renting with nearly 31 per cent of Australians in rental accommodation – up from 30 per cent five years ago and 27 per cent in 1991. The median weekly rent was $335.

* About 20 per cent of Australian households had a weekly income of less than $650 and 16.4 per cent of households had a weekly income of more than $3000.

*A total of 1.3 million new migrants arrived in Australia since 2011 with the biggest number from China at 191,000 followed by India at 163,000. NSW attracted the biggest number of Chinese while Victoria had the highest number of Indians.

* Australia’s once youthful population is aging. One in six Australians is aged over 65 years and the number of centenarians (those over 100 years old) has reached 3500.  The biggest number of Australians are in the 65-69 age group at more than 1.18 million, a boon for retailers targeting the grey nomad market.

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