With inflation hitting upwards of 3%, investors are now advised to typically diversify their portfolio to beat the game. 

Going tall and wide with traditional investments like real estate, stocks, bonds is classic, while new instruments such as cryptocurrency is now becoming part of the mainstream. 

But there’s one emerging investment idea that is a bit maverick because it is one-of-its kind.

Through Alts 1 fund, you can own “the equivalent of a sip of ultra-rare whisky, the rights to a few seconds of a Beatles song or part of a signed Michael Jordan sneaker.”

Dubbed as the future of alternative investing, Alts 1 fund aims to modernise portfolio diversification by accessing a meticulously-chosen blend of alternative assets, albeit through fractional ownership. 

The fund was developed by Melbourne-based Stefan Von Imhof, who projects a 40% return on investment with his $10 million fund. 

During the Melbourne lockdowns in 2020, Mr Imhof started an online newsletter where he wrote investment advice and tips that quickly attracted a substantial number of followers. 

He later partnered with Wyatt Cavalier, a former army ranger living in Spain who also wrote in the same niche. The two later decided to start a fund, which resulted in the development of Alts 1. 

“I‘m not going to spend $30,000 of my own money on buying a Beatles record, but this fund opens up blue chip assets that are just priced to perfection,” Mr Von Imhof said. “This isn’t your grandpa’s investment fund. This fund is going to put us on the map. It’s incredibly unique.” 

According to Alts 1 website, the fund is investing in seven categories: Collectables and Culture, Crypto and NFTs, Fine Artwork, Music Rights, Specialty Real Estate, Wine and Whisky, and Sneakers. 

The fund’s investment in Crypto and NFTs recorded a historic returns average of 112 per cent while its lowest returns came from Specialty Real Estate at 8 per cent, which beats the current inflation rate. 

“Alternative investments are really going mainstream and the timing couldn’t be better, particularly with what’s happening with equity markets recently,” Mr Imhof said. “This is the best time to diversify; in five to 10 years from now it might be really tough to get an edge in these markets – they’re going to be mature – but right now it’s the wild west. And if you have the data, the analysis and the insight, you can do really really well.”

Alts 1 is a Reg D fund, and available to US accredited investors and international investors, including Australians. 

The minimum investment is $20,000 while the fees and perks vary according to your initial investment. 

As an actively-managed fund, Alts 1 has a team of six analysts that takes a long-term approach in investing while taking advantage of daily market inefficiencies. 

Since February 2021, the fund has yielded an average return of 82%. 


Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Please consult your financial advisor before you diversify your portfolio. 


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