High school teacher Jenna Mills simply could not believe her luck when she learnt that she was the prize winner of Bricklet’s $23,320 investment share of a luxury property in Brisbane.


“I am so excited about winning a share of an investment property  – but my husband, Clint, thought it was a scam. He told me ‘It’s too good to be true, Jenna – you win a toaster in a competition, not cash.’”

But the excited mother of two from Albany, WA says she will have the last laugh when in 10 years time, the Bricklet share will earn enough capital gains for her to cash in.

“I could use the money to pay for the university education of our kids or simply blow it on a family holiday in Europe,” she told Really Simple Money.

A keen reader, Jenna says she has always been interested in learning more about property investment. She subscribes to the weekly Really Simple Money newsletter and enjoys reading articles on budgeting, saving money and financial tips.

The Mills family own their property in Albany, about 400 kms from Perth.

Jenna’s prize is a Bricklet slice worth $23,320 of a luxury apartment development in Brisbane, called The Alfred.

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