Welcome to Saturday, the day of the week for that great Australian past time – property inspection.

If you’re heading out and looking to get on the property ladder this weekend, here’s a couple of things to bear in mind.

In the June quarter, only three cities – Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra – posted price gains of 2 percent or more. Melbourne was the best, with prices up 2.8 percent, but all the other capitals are either treading water or starting to go backwards.

Even Melbourne, the strongest market, is fragmenting, with a big divide opening up between established houses – which are in short supply – and apartments. Many experts say that the apartment glut is worst in Melbourne.

In Sydney, insurance company QBE this week issued a report saying that the market had peaked and prices were about to go sideways because investor demand has run its course.

If you’re in Perth or Darwin, prices are actually starting to go backwards.

In Adelaide, they were up a tiny 0.8 percent in the March quarter.

So, does that mean you should wait for a bit before buying?

Perhaps you can afford to be a bit cynical when the agent who hands you the glossy brochure talks up the price.

Another thing to bear in mind is interest rates. None of the experts think they are going up anytime soon, and some think we are in for two more cuts in official rates over 2017.

So the price of money is either going to stay the same or come down, especially if the pressure remains on the banks to pass on the interest rate cuts.

Happy House Hunting!

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