While many homebuyers and house hunters watch the Melbourne and Sydney markets, waiting on the sidelines and hoping for prices to come off the boil, the mood is much more optimistic in other states.

Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart have emerged as the markets where buyer enthusiasm is strongest in the last months of 2017, a view supported by Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showing that price growth in these markets has stabilised.


River Quay, South Bank, Brisbane

According to the CoreLogic TEG Rewards housing market survey, Adelaide residents are among the most confident in the nation, with 75 percent of them saying that now is a good time to buy.

Adelaide residents are also the most confident about the general stability of the property market, with half of them saying they believe prices will stabilise.

Just on 70 percent of Hobart residents and 67 percent of respondents in Brisbane say that now is a good time to buy, compared with only half in Sydney.

On the ground in Brisbane, the number of loans approved for first home buyers is continuing to rise, with 1828 approved in August, up 14 percent on July.

The average loan for a first homebuyer in Queensland is $305,500, according to the ABS.

In South Australia, first homebuyers were 10 percent of the market in August but in NSW it has fallen to 4.8 percent of total buyers.

The good news about buying in Adelaide and Hobart are the only capitals where, if you are single and on an average income, you are likely to be able to afford a median price home.

Comparison site RateCity has crunched the numbers, and worked out the salary required for a single person with a 30 year loan to not pay more than one third of their income on housing costs, a figure seen by the markets as the cut off for mortgage stress.

While a single would need to earn more than $137,000 a year in Sydney to fund their mortgage, in Adelaide the figure is $72,529 and in Hobart $59,441.

If you are single and live in Sydney, moving states to get on the property ladder must be a huge temptation.

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