So, you’re looking at your two week old list of New Year’s Resolutions, and one of the key ambitions is “get a better job in 2017.”

Easier said than done, of course, but there are a few things you can implement right now which can give you a good change of making this critical resolution a reality.

Here’s a checklist of some actions you can take to give yourself every chance.

• Firstly, dust off your CV. Have you updated it, do you need to edit it? Can it be better presented? The truth is that you can probably improve your CV by up to 25 percent just by spending a couple of hours on it.

• Renovate your personal “brand” and give yourself a makeover at every level. Come up with a couple of killer ideas you can pitch in a job interview to make yourself stand out.

• If you aren’t on Linkedin, get onto it and reach out to people. Put in a good photograph of yourself and talk yourself up. Join groups of like-minded professionals on Linkedin. Think about taking their premium service for a while just so you can contact people outside of your network.

• Job websites are all well and good but the truth is that some of the jobs are bogus and many have been taken anyway. Think about finding a recruitment agency which specializes in your profession and introduce yourself to them. If they take you on, they will also have a vested interest in finding you a job.

• Skill up. Are there some computer skills which you can acquire which can help you land that dream job? Any accreditations you don’t have which could be handy? Think about a short course you can do, while working, which can add to your employability.

• Look at your work wardrobe. Its just possible that you have been sabotaging yourself by dressing too casually, or like a dag. If you are going to get serious about work, you need to look the part.

• Think about changing cities. If your dream job is interstate, or the industry you want to be in is centred elsewhere, you will need to be there too.

• Target a particular company you have always wanted to work for. If there is a “hero” company in your industry, which will give you the job you want and also tick the box on the resume, focus closely on them. Contact their HR Department and monitor any job ads they put out in the market.

• Rehearse your spiel. You don’t want to sound over-rehearsed in an interview, but get your story straight and make sure you know exactly what you want to say. Too many people leave job interviews regretting they had forgotten to make key points. Don’t be one of these people, and give yourself every opportunity.

• Get some good referees, relevant to the jobs you want. Reach as high as you can for referees, they can be invaluable. And when these people know you are looking for work, they might refer you on to others

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