More and more women are investing outside of retirement. According to a 2021 report published by Fidelity, 67% of women are now into investments compared to 44% in 2018. 

And compared to men, women consistently post better investing returns both as individual and institutional investors. 

But where do women invest their money? 

Based on a new survey by eToro, Australian women are investing in shares. 

At least 48% of women have invested in stocks listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

It is interesting to note that cryptocurrencies come in a close second to shares (45% of women are now investing in cryptos). 

Successful female investors invest in stocks in four major sectors: technology, healthcare, real estate, and green energy.

If you want to invest in ASX but you are still choosing stocks to invest in, we have some expert advice.

Jun Bei Liu of Tribeca Investment Partners, for instance, believes growth stocks are in for a rebound.

Livewire suggests some are still trading on the cheap: healthcare companies  CSL (ASX: CSL) and Cochlear (ASX: COH) for instance.

According to the recognised trading tipster, they are  “trading  around 16% and 13% (respectively) off their highs”.

Jun Bei Liu says: “In this sort of environment, we’ll see the market constantly gyrating. But it’s so important to stay true to bottom-up fundamental stock investing. Investors should find quality companies and wait for the share price to come to a good buying point and put them into their portfolios.”

So what is she buying right now?



Cochlear (ASX: COH).

“These businesses have such a strong business model and rarely do you see them going for cheap. However, in the last couple of months, we have seen significant buying opportunities and these are the companies you can almost buy and put in the bottom drawer.”


Xero (ASX: XRO).

“This company’s share price has gone through enormous volatility because of the shift. It’s moved from almost $150 back to actually below $100, or around that $100 mark. And it has earnings coming up very soon. So we believe this company, aside from the catalyst, is going to do very well. And it’s again, another good bottom draw tech company that you can keep in your portfolio.”

Seek (ASX: SEK).

” The company just delivered over 70% profit growth for the first half and is expecting another double-digit growth result for the next few years to come. Then the share price has underperformed a little bit relative to the market and we think that represents a really good opportunity at this point. “

Other invesment groups  like Fidelity suggest:

Real Estate

Sunland Group 

Sunland Group (ASX: SDG) has a market capitalisation of A$319.8 million. The share pays a 6.3% dividend yield at current prices, 100% franked.

Over the 2021 financial year, the share price also increased by 109.4 per cent. Based in QLD, the property and development construction company was listed on the ASX in 1995.  In October last year, Sunland’s share price closed the day at a 47% increase after it announced its plan to sell some of its non-core assets and return the proceeds to stockholders. 

Home Consortium Ltd

Home Consortium (ASX: HMC) has a market cap of over A$1.6 Billion and pays a dividend yield of 1.68%, 100% franked.  HMC closed the trading in the fiscal year 2021 at $5.44 per share with just over 290 million shares outstanding, and is now standing at $7.16 after a year that has seen some extreme movements along with the sentiment around COVID and property centres.

Green Energy

The Hazer Group 

The Hazer Group (ASX: HZR) has a market capitalisation of A$152.30 million. The company is currently monetising its hydrogen-producing process, developed at the University of Western Australia. 

The Hazer Process produces low-emission hydrogen using biogas generated from wastewater treatment plants. As an alternative to creating carbon emissions, placing carbon into high-grade graphite eliminates emissions typically released into the atmosphere.  

It has had a chequered year, from $1.15 to $1.30 before seesawing to $1.01. However, the interest is in the rise of biogas and the need for different energy sources.

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