With the new financial year upon us, it might be time to pay a bit of extra attention to your investments.

Ally Selby from Livewire joined up with Felicity Thomas from Shaw & Partners and APT Wealth’s Sarah Gonzales to talk through some low cost ETFs and how they’re holding up during market downturn, with the experts giving their opinion on whether to buy, hold or sell. 

The first ETF discussed was SPDR S&P/ASX 2022 (ASX: STW), which both advisors recommended to hold. 

Dividing opinion was Vanguard Australian Property Securities ETF, which Ms Ward said to hold onto for now, due to their payment of a good, quarterly distribution, however Ms Gonzales thinks it’s overly concentrated and not worth holding onto. 

Both women also brought their own recommendations to the table, with Ms Gonzales putting forward VanEck MSCI International Quality ETF ASX (QUAL) for consideration.

“It has that quality factor which does tend to outperform in market downturns, it does focus on factors like return and equity, year-on-year growth of earnings and also levels of debt, these are proxies for profitability.”

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