Hoverboard salesman? Flying car technician? Augmented reality designer? Just what are the jobs of the future?

Knowledge intensive services are where the action is really expected to be, with the highest growth and the biggest salaries – and different industries concentrated in ‘hubs’.

SGS Economics and Planning recently analysed the changing jobs landscape in Sydney and forecast where the jobs are likely to be in 2026. Though Sydney-centric, the overall direction will likely be applicable for urbanites across Australia. SGS expects nearly half of all income generated in Sydney to come from 4 industries.

Financial & insurance services is expected to rise from an already large 16.2% to a massive 21% of Sydney’s output, concentrated mainly in the CBD of course.

Professional, scientific & technical services are expected to rise from 8.5 to 11.4%. The Macquarie Park area near Macquarie University is currently something of a medical technology hub and the Greater Sydney Commission recently flagged plans for the development of a new “Western City,” oriented around the proposed airport at Badgerys Creek as a hub for trade, logistics and science.

Information, media & telecommunications are expected to rise from 4.6 to 8.1%. The Ultimo/Pyrmont area is emerging as a creative digital technology hub.

Health care & social assistance is expected to rise from 5.7 to 7.6%. Around Westmead, health services already provide about 18,000 jobs, and local industry leaders have set out to establish the area as Sydney’s “Silicon Valley of health services” with promises of up to 50,000 jobs by 2036.

The other big change expected? Less security but more flexibility. The NSW Government’s Intergenerational Report released in May, predicted more “portfolio careers” in future, where service workers balance multiple part-time positions and temporary projects.

So hoverboard salesman, or flying car technician? – unlikely (sadly). But augmented reality designer? – very possibly!

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