Money. So easy, a school kid can explain it, right? But most of us got through school without learning a single useful thing about money and now we’re playing catch-up in the real world.  Last week, we exploded 10 money myths and for more than four years, we’ve been providing sound, unbiased information to help you keep your financial affairs on track.

If you have kids, the good news is that there’s a growing list of Money Smart schools around Australia whose pupils are benefiting from ASIC’S excellent teaching resources. Some banks are hopping on board, too, to build financial literacy amongst children and young adults. For you, there’s The Really Simple Guide to Money!

This week, see how you’re faring with our quick financial literacy test. 

While there are no ‘winners’, if you score below 5/10 you should find a financial advisor immediately!

Do you know more than the average high school student?

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