Tigers? Diamond-encrusted Barbie dolls? Here are seven celebs who’ve blown outrageous sums on questionable purchases.

  1. Paris Hilton’s dog house – US$325,000

If Paris had bought a regular house for her dogs, that would make sense because one day she might get some return on her investment. But this mansion is dog-sized, which we suggest might limit buyer interest. We suspect she’s not really worrying about re-sale value though, with her personal fortune estimated at more than $300 million.

  1.     Beyonce’s various gold and diamond extravagances – US$500,000

The multi-awarded entertainer bought a custom-made diamond-studded Barbie for daughter Blue Ivy, at a cost of $80,000. (Let’s hope the child doesn’t leave it in the sandpit.) Beyonce also owns $100,000 Balenciaga gold leggings and a $311,000 pair of stilettos. Subtle she ain’t.

  1.    Donald Trump’s private jet – US$100 million or thereabouts

When he was just a celebrity and not yet the leader of the free world, Trump bought a private jet and renovated it, with 24-carat gold-plated sink, faucets and seatbelts with flashy gold bits. He calls it the T-Bird.

  1.     Rihanna’s beauty routine – AUS$55,000 a week

You think you spend too much on facials, make-up, tanning?  Rihanna famously invests thousands in her appearance, paying her hair stylist $2,800 a day (according to Beauty Heaven), her make-up artist $3,700 a week and then she has a personal eyelash technician who makes around $5,500 a week … we could go on.

  1.    Johnny Depp’s wine consumption – US$30,000 a month

When Depp sued his former business managers for mismanaging his earnings, they counter-sued, listing some of his more extreme expenses, including $30,000 worth of wine per month, and $3 million to shoot the ashes of Hunter S Thompson out of a cannon.

  1.    Russell Crowe’s Rabbitohs – AUS$1.5M

As Russell tells Jimmy Kimmel, the investment is doing ok, but the emotional investment is heavy-going in hindsight, because he can’t yell at his team. Also, he says the decision contributed to the breakdown of his marriage. We think the Rabbitohs are doing well out of it though.

  1.     Three boxers who define extravagant

Mike Tyson spent more than US$200,000 on three tigers, $2.3 million on a 24-carat gold bathtub, and in late 2003, $174,000 on a gold chain blinged up with 80 carats’ worth of diamonds (thought he never actually paid for that).

Irish boxer Conor McGregor wore an outfit worth about US$150,000 to a 2017 press conference, including a $30,000 custom Gucci mink coat. Classy.

Legendary fighter and promoter Floyd “Money” Mayweather, who made more than US$80 million from one fight alone (!!) spends so much cash and posts photos of it so often we can’t do it justice here (it’s all kinds of jaw-dropping); but you can read about it at Business Insider.

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