Being time poor is no longer a good reason not to keep your finances in order. Check out the new app from MoneyBrilliant.  It is like having a personal financial assistant in your pocket.

MoneyBrilliant aims to help people make better decisions about their money so they can live better lives. It’s free to use and available as a mobile app and website.

We are all unique in why we want to be better with our money, for some, it’s saving for a holiday or a home, others want to clear debt and stop living pay to pay and some just want to live for the weekend.

No matter what you want to achieve – knowledge is power, and that is where MoneyBrilliant comes in. It’s like having a personal financial assistant, just sit back, relax and let it help you get the most bang for your buck – through personal insights, alerts and automated budgets.

How it works

Get a complete view of your money
Connecting your accounts enables you to get a complete view of your money that will help you understand where you really stand. Connect bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, superannuation and even loyalty cards. It connects to more financial institutions than anyone else – over 200 in Australia, so there is no need for you to change a thing.

It’s all automated
No boring data entry here! Transactions are automatically imported and categorised. Budgets are built from your historic spending and alerts keep you up to date with what is happening with your money.

It’s all about you
We all want to achieve different things in life. MoneyBrilliant helps organise your money so that you can see exactly what is happening and make better decisions on spending and saving to live the life you want – anytime, anywhere, any device.


Get started for Free

MoneyBrilliant is free to join, so don’t hold back – give it a try today and feel the comfort of knowing exactly what is happening to your money.


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