If you’re looking around for internet references to get your finances in order, we have a list of websites for you to visit. 

Below is our list of best financial websites dedicated to Australian women. 

These websites are a selection of online resources we love at Really Simple Money, along with essential online resources recommended for every Australian regardless of gender.

Ladies Finance Club


Ladies Finance Club was founded by Molly Benjamin, a former communications and events specialist for national and international companies such as Barclays, the Financial Conduct Authority and the Bank of Queensland. 

The Club has thousands of members in Australia who empower each other to take control of their financial futures and get money savvy, but in a way, “that doesn’t make you want to hit snoozeville.” 

The membership fee starts at $35 per month. Members can enjoy exclusive benefits such as a monthly masterclass with leading Australian and International experts, accountability sessions, financial courses, insurance reviews, etc. 

But as of November 2021, The Club is closed to new members, so you need to register on a waitlist. Meanwhile, you might be interested in browsing their free resources here. 

 Women Talk Money 


Women Talk Money is an online resource created by WIRE, an information and support service for women in Victoria. It is a great website that helps women all around Australia in having healthier financial conversations with their partners. 

Funded by Financial Literacy Australia, the website has a fine selection of videos and reading materials on money issues affecting women such as relationships, financial abuse, getting married, retirement, and more. 

Money Smart

While Money Smart is not entirely dedicated to women, it is a great online resource established by the government to “help Australians take control of their money and build a better life with free tools, tips, and guidance”. 

Created and operated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Money Smart offers valuable guidance on important financial topics such as personal money management, debt reduction, retirement planning, and investments. 

Financial tools are available such as online budget templates and calculators. But the unclaimed money finder is remarkable as it helps you find unclaimed money from lost bank accounts, shares, investments and life insurance policies. 


Like most financial websites, Financy publishes articles on their site and magazine to inform, empower and educate women to be “financial fearless”. 

But the organisation is known for the Financy Women’s Index (FWX) that measures the financial progress of Australian women and economic equality. 

The FWX Quarterly Report contains “data insights and commentary to give individuals, media, business leaders and government timely insights into the challenges and opportunities that relate to women’s financial wellbeing in Australia”. 

Financy membership is free, but you may choose to upgrade to a paid plan to unlock unique benefits such as complete reports, discounts on particular products, exclusive content, and more. 

Your Toolkit 

Your Toolkit contains information about money matters, keeping safe and finding support for women facing family & domestic violence and financial abuse. 

Based on a study published by UNSW Social Policy Research Centre, financial abuse is experienced by an estimated 80 to 90% of women who seek support for domestic family violence. 

“Financial abuse is particularly malicious as it is deliberately intended to strip women of their independence, confidence and ability to manage their financial situation,” said Financial Toolbox, who created the website. “Because of this, traditional financial literacy education is not appropriate for women facing domestic violence and economic abuse. As such, traditional financial education is not the best way to help women who find themselves in this situation.” 

The information presented on the website can help women who need to make crucial decisions. It provides links and telephone numbers to important organisations and things to consider when facing challenges. 

Money Minded 

MoneyMinded is an adult financial education program that builds knowledge, confidence, and skills to help Australians make informed decisions and manage their money. 

Developed by ANZ in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education and Training, MoneyMinded offers online resources on essential financial topics such as saving, financial planning, banking, debt management, superannuation, family violence, and more. 

The website claims that it has helped more than 725,000 people manage their money better, and 9 in 10 people who completed its online courses say they could better deal with financial problems after the program. 

Registration is free, and you can start the self-paced courses anytime. 

Good Shepherd 

Good Shepherd is Australia’s oldest charity working to support women and girls experiencing abuse and disadvantage. 

Through its website, women can apply for “safe and affordable” no-interest loans that range from $200 to $3,000 that can be used for essential goods and services like white goods, furniture, education costs, car expenses, and medical services. 

The charity organisation also provides services to help people struggling with family violence and parental support. 

Financial Counselling Australia (FCA)  

As the peak body for financial counsellors in Australia, the FCA website can help you find a financial counsellor near your area through its work with the National Debt Helpline

On top of its purpose of providing resources and support for financial counsellors, FCA also advocates for a fairer marketplace to give equal access to economic opportunities for Australian women, especially those experiencing financial difficulties. 

FCA also writes and submits important position papers to push women’s advocacy, such as its inquiry into family, domestic and sexual violence submitted to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs. 

National Debt Helpline (NDH) 

NDH is a not-for-profit service that helps Australians tackle their debt problems. It mainly offers free and confidential financial counselling services. 

If you are struggling with debt, you can call the helpline at 1800 007 007, so you can speak with a financial counsellor in your state or territory. 

The NDH website contains many online resources and tools to help you manage simple debt problems such as credit card debt management to complex issues such as domestic violence and financial abuse. 

Women NSW 

Even though Women NSW aims to improve the quality of life of all women in NSW, its financial toolkit can help all Australian women looking for free and trusted online financial resources. 

The Toolkit offers resources to help you with budgeting, career management, emergencies and investments. 

Women NSW also has special programs for women, such as Safer Pathway and Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme. 

Bonus Resources

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