Really we just want to wish you a HAPPY 2016 but (because we can’t resist), here’s a new year’s resolution that you could put in place today, to help you to save all year long.

1.     Decide how much you think you can afford to save each week/fortnight/month (i.e. each payday).

2.     Open an online savings account, if you haven’t got one already.

3.     Log in to internet banking and set up a recurring payment to transfer some money from your income account into your savings account. You should be able to choose to do so weekly, fortnightly or monthly starting on a specified date. This will allow you to set the transfer for the day after you receive income into your account.

The idea is that, like tax or super, you cease to notice the money that slips away, unseen, into your savings account.

Of course, unlike tax or super, your money is there as and when you need it. (But do try to forget about it and let it build.)

If you don’t have easy access to the internet, or are uncomfortable with internet banking, you can of course go into your branch and set up a savings account and recurring payment.

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