Martina, single mother, two children aged 13 and 11. Casual, part-time community support worker. Private rental in regional city.


Xanthe, coupled mother, two children aged 7 and 4. Sessional TAFE teacher. Paying off a mortgage on a home in a regional city.

Are you struggling to save money to pay for education costs for yourself or for your children? Do you know someone who is?

Would you benefit from free assistance and support to establish a savings goal and develop a savings habit? What about up to $500 in matched savings –  dollar for dollar?

Saver Plus is a wonderful 10 month financial education and matched savings program that assists families to gain financial skills. As an incentive to save, participants receive up to $500 in matched savings when they complete the program which can be used for educational costs such as computers and tablets, text books and uniforms, sports equipment, music tuition, TAFE or apprenticeship costs.

The benefits of this program go far beyond the immediate savings, too. A report released earlier this year, found that:

  • 87% or participants are saving the same amount or more since completing the program
  • 84% encourage children and family members to save
  • 85% have more control over their finances
  • 78% are able to make ends meet
  • 88% are more aware of where to get help with financial decision making
  • 86% are better able to deal with financial problems
  • 93% have increased self-esteem
  • 71% have increased confidence
  • 68% have reduced levels of stress
Who is eligible?

You may be eligible to join Saver Plus if you:

  • have a Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card
  • are at least 18 years old
  • have some regular income from work (you or your partner) including casual, part-time, full-time or seasonal employment
  • have a child at school or attend vocational education yourself.

To apply for Saver Plus:
Call 1300 610 355
SMS your name and postcode to 1300 610 355

You’re in charge. Help us to know which articles are interesting and which aren't. 'Like' the articles you... well... like, and don't 'Like' the others. We'll get the hint!Saver Plus was set up by the Brotherhood of St Laurence and ANZ, and is delivered in partnership with Berry Street and The Smith Family. It is funded by ANZ Bank (which provides the matched savings) and the Australian Government.

Well done to all these organizations.

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