Australia’s 12 million women are on the front line of our economic battle with the global pandemic. They suffered more job cuts and more damage their lifestyles than men.

The impact on savings and super has been  savage.

Here’s what Deloitte’s Financy Report says: “In the March quarter of this year, the Financy Women’s Index looked at the initial impact of the pandemic and found that equality was still 36 years away as women were baring the brunt of job cuts and reduced paid work hours.

“This has given rise to a high level of anxiety about what it means for the longer-term financial security of women, with some commentators labelling the current economic downturn as a “Pink” or “She”-recession.”

Australian women retire with just over half the amount of super as men, and one in three women retire with no super at all. Making the right choices about finance, insurance, health and so many other things can mean the difference between successful survival or terrible hardship.

This is particularly true for women today.

It’s vital that they become educated in making the right choices.  With a heavy workload at home and in employment, it’s important that they are presented with those choices in a quick, easy and positive way. And by an independent source.

The Really Simple Guide to Money has been a multi-platform financial mentor for those looking to get their finances on track for six years. More than 64 per cent of our audience are women

Super is a huge barometer of the economic difference between men and women. One third of women end up with virtually no super at all.

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We believe, in today’s world,  preparing  Australian women for the future is vital

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