It has been billed as the biggest health care shake-up in 15 years.

With health fund membership falling by about 10,000 people a month because of high premium hikes, now the government wants to make health insurance more attractive to young people, especially those under 30s. The overhaul means those under 30 will be biggest beneficiaries.

Here are the six major changes you should know.

* If you are under 30 and never had private health insurance before, you will get 2 per cent discount on your premium for every year you belong to a health fund before you turn 30  – this is capped at a maximum of 10 per cent.

* Health insurance products will be categorised into four levels of cover – gold, silver, bronze and basic – making it easier to understand the value you will getting out of your policy. Insurers have to provide a one-page summary to ensure there are “no surprises”.

* Mental health services will be covered, even if you only have a basic policy.

* You will benefit from the reduced annual premium increases estimated to be 3 per cent next year after premiums have been rising by between 5-6 per cent each year since 2010.

* You will not be able to get a rebate on pilates, yoga, tai chi and shiatsu.

* You will also not be able to claim for unproven natural therapies like aromatherapy, homeopathy, iridology and reflexology.

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