If you’ve been victim of one of these attacks, let us know below and report it to the government’s Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network.

Mobile banking customers in Australia and New Zealand are being targeted by a new banking scam using SMS text messages that appear to be from their bank.

So far, customers of the following banks have been targeted:

  • ANZ
  • National Australia Bank
  • St George
  • Bank of Queensland
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Suncorp Bank
  • GE Money
  • Heritage Bank

Even if your bank is NOT on this list, be careful. It may be next.

At the bottom of this article, we list all of the SMS messages that have been reported so far. 

They come from domains that are very close to the banks’ real domain, usually refer to ‘account notification’, ‘verification’, or ‘identification’ and link through to web pages.

These web pages look almost exactly like the bank’s real mobile banking sites and ask for login or personal identification details.

Stay safe by sticking to these rules.

1.     Never follow links on emails or mobile text messages that appear to be from your financial institution.

2.     If you are concerned that your financial institution may really be trying to contact you, then phone them or drop into your branch and ask. If you decide to phone them, don’t call any numbers provided by email or text. Instead, access their website directly (or via google) and look up the number. Alternatively, call directory assistance.

3.     If you have even the slightest concern that you may have responded to one of these messages, and passed on your banking credentials or personal information, don’t be embarrassed and don’t delay: contact your financial institution. Tell them exactly what has happened and ask for their advice.

Help fight these crimes

Have you been targeted? Tell us about it in ‘Comment’ below. Spread the news of these attacks far and wide. Our only defense against the scammers is for everyone to know about them.


As promised above, here’s the full list of SCAM texts reported as of the beginning of this week. Bear in mind though, this list is NOT exhaustive. The scammers are inventing different variations all the time. By the time you read this, another one will be on it’s way to unsuspecting bank customers, so use this list just to get a feel for the sorts of approach the scammers are taking.



  • Account notification: hXXp://m.anzmobilebank. com/
  • Account notification: Verify your identity hXXp://m.anzmobilebank. com/
  • Account Notification: hXXp://anz-notification. Com
  • Account Notification: hXXp://mobile-anz. Info
  • Dear ANZ Customer , Notification: hXXp://anz-mobile. Center
  • Internal message received hXXp:/anzmobilebank. com
  • Notification: hXXp://anz-mobile. Center
  • Verify your identity http:/anzmobilebank. com

Bank of Queensland:

  • Bank of Queensland Support: Update your profile: hXXp://boq-mobile. Net
  • Message received from BOQ Support hXXp://boq-mobile. Net
  • Dear Bank of Queensland customer, You have received an internal notification. hXXp://boq-mobile. Net
  • Verify your identity hXXp://boq-mobile. net

Bendigo Bank:

  • 1 new Secure Email hXXp://mobile.bendigobank. info
  • Account notification hXXp://bendigo-bank. mobi
  • Account review hXXp://mbendigobank. com
  • Account verification hXXp://mbendigobank. com
  • Customer review hXXp://mbendigobank. com
  • Dear Customer, You have received a payment. Login Bendigo MobileBank: hXXp://m.bendigo. online
  • New payment received hXXp://mobile.bendigo. online
  • Message received hXXp://bendigo-bank. mobi
  • Notification: Payment received hXXp://mobile.bendigobank. info
  • Payment received. Access your online statement. hXXp://mobile.bendigo. online

GE Money:

  • New payment received hXXp://www.gemoneymobile. net
  • You have 1 message from customer support hXXp://www.gemoneymobile. net

Heritage Bank:

  • Heritage Bank Notification hXXp://heritagebank. mobi

Macquarie Bank:

  • Dear customer, Confirm your mobile phone number: hXXp://macquarie-mobile. com


  • Account notification hXXp:// com
  • Account notification hXXp://nab-login. com/
  • Account security notification hXXp://nab-login. com/
  • Dear NAB Customer, You have received an internal notification. hXXp:// direct
  • Dear NAB Customer, You have received an internal notification. hXXp://online.mobilenab. com
  • Dear NAB Customer, You have a new message. hXXp:// direct
  • Dear NAB Customer, You have received a notification. hXXp:// direct
  • Verify your identity: hXXp://nab-mobile. net
  • Notification: hXXp://mobile-nab. net
  • Internal message received hXXp:// direct
  • Notification: hXXp://nabmobile. info
  • Notification: hXXp:// net
  • Your online statement is ready hXXp:// net
  • Verify your identity: hXXp://nab-m. com
  • Verify your identity hXXp://nab-login. com/

St George:

  • Business account notification #2912 hXXp://stgeorge-mobile. com
  • Dear Business Customer, You have received a new alert from StGeorge Bank hXXp://stgeorge-mobile. com
  • Dear Customer, You have received a notification from StGeorge Bank hXXp://bbonline.stgeorge-mobile. com
  • George Bank notification #882 hXXp://bbonline.stgeorge-mobile. com
  • StGeorge Bank: account notification #441 hXXp://bbonline.stgeorge-mobile. com

Suncorp Bank:

  • Notification received hXXp://mobile.suncorpbank. net/

* Just to be safe, we have adjusted the links slightly so they aren’t mistakenly followed.

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