It’s the secret that savvy shoppers know but don’t tell:  The cheapest days to shop at the supermarket are Mondays and Thursdays.

According to, discounts on nappies and laundry powder, specifically, are generally being available on Monday. Other specials tend to begin on Thursdays, while fresh produce is usually marked down on Fridays.

While there is no certainty around when you can find discounts, some social media users claim supermarkets start discounting fresh produce throughout the day. The discounts start at around 20 per cent slashed off the retail price.

A Woolworths employee shared on social media that the supermarket giant discounts meat, seafood and bakery items at 11am, and then again at 4pm.

It does however vary between stores. Other employees say the best time to shop for weekly specials is 7am on a Wednesday morning because the shelves have been stocked the night before.

“There are a number of ways our customers can maximise the value of their grocery shop,” Woolworths told Really Simple Money.

“From keeping an eye out for weekly specials which are released in our catalogue on Wednesday, to being an Everyday Rewards member and boosting often.”

They have also announced their “Prices Dropped for Spring” campaign, which offers discounts on over 400 essentials from August 24 until November 29 2022.

Items in the program include:

  • WW WW RSPCA Chicken Mince 500g (was $6.50/each, now $6/each)
  • Moccona Instant Coffee 400G (was $26.00 now $20.00)
  • KB’s Prawn Gyoza 1kg (was $22.70 now $17.00)
  • Chobani Fit 170g (was $2.50 now $2.00)
  • Mersey Valley Cheese 180g (was $7.50 now $6.00)
  • Dilmah Premium Leaf Tea 50g (was $5.30 now $3.70)
  • Western Star Salt/Butter 500g (was $7.50, now $7.00)

“Due to the higher cost of living being felt across all households in Australia, we know customers are looking for better value in their shop,” Woolworths’ Chief Commercial Officer Paul Harker said in a statement.

“Our Prices Dropped program will help customers get their Woolies Worth on those everyday essentials and easy meal solutions throughout Spring.”

He noted that more than 150 of the discounted products have a health star rating of 3.5 or higher.

“These include key family favourites to make mealtimes easier, healthier and more affordable. We are also providing healthier choices to our customers for snacking, lunchbox and breakfast occasions.”

It’s different for Coles, with one Facebook shopper saying: “Wednesdays are the best for fully stocked shelves for weekly specials. Weekend late afternoon or evenings are not great because items on shelves and fresh produce sometimes run out. For markdowns every store is different.”

Aldi differed as well, with shoppers saying that Wednesdays and Saturdays were the worst time to go to the supermarket because they release their Special guys of the week.

Best time to get fast-food discounts

Most fast food chain rewards programs are connected to the brand’s mobile app and after you’ve spent a certain amount you will get either a free item, or a discount. Subway’s Myway Rewards program gives you points for every dollar you spend and once you have earned 200 points you will get a $2.00 reward.

McDonald’s has a similar program where you will earn points for purchases made in the MyMacca’s app. For every 100 points you earn you’ll get a $1.00 reward.

Hungry Jacks offers vouchers in their mobile app where you can enjoy significant discounts on meals throughout the day.

If you use Starbucks’ app you can earn one star for every $20 spent in store and once you’ve earned one star you’ll get a free drink the next time you’re in store.

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