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Every week, Really Simple Money brings you a range of great money-saving tips. This week we focus on shopping, eating and travel tips.

21)   When eating out find a seat at the bar where you’ll find better deals and cheaper fare.

22)   Look out for restaurants that allow kids to eat for free on certain designated nights.

23)   Order drinks on happy-hour specials.

24)   Always buy everyday items like batteries, bottled water and vitamins in bulk. They work out to be much cheaper.

25)   Avoid buying pre-cut produce at supermarkets – you are more likely to pay four times as much for the convenience of pineapple chunks or carrot sticks

26)   Stock up on wine and liquor the day after a major holiday as they are often on discount

27)   Invest in a slow cooker, not only does it make delicious meals while you are at work, it also provides lots of leftovers to go around.

28)   If you are flying off on a holiday soon, avoid the rip off of buying bottled water at the airport after going through security. Take an empty water bottle and fill up at a free drinking fountain.

29)   Instead of buying books, go to the local library instead and borrow them.

30)   Cancel your gym membership and exercise outside in the park. You can also watch personal trainers’ classes on YouTube for free

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