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Every week, Really Simple Money brings you some of the world’s best money-saving tips. This week we focus on the home and shopping to help you cut back on your everyday bills.

11)    Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. This can save litres of water, keep wastage down and cut back on your water bill.

12)     Take shorter showers – not only will it help you save water, it will also save on electricity bills.

13)     Don’t turn up your thermostat too high in winter despite the chill as this will help cut back on your electricity bill.

14)     Unplug your laptop and other appliances when you are not using them. Leaving your computer on all day is a waste of money.

15)     Convert to high efficiently appliances or low-flush toilets when your current ones need replacing.

16)     Always make a shopping list before you hit the supermarket and stick to it. See more supermarket shopping tips here!

17)     Buy produce or fruit when they are in season – not only do they taste better, they are often cheaper.

18)     Buy the floor model when looking for a big-ticket item such as a washing machine, you often will get a handsome discount.

19)     Buy last year’s model when shopping for electronics  – they are cheaper and you can still negotiate a healthy sale price.  So long as it performs the tasks you want, it will be just as good as the newer model.

20)     Buy chocolates, decorations and wrapping paper the day after a major holiday like Easter or Christmas, they are so much cheaper.

Don’t forget, we’d love you to join in and send us your tips as well.  We will publish them with acknowledgement.  Just pop them in the comments box below.

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