If your wallet’s still recovering from the frantic festive season – you’ll be pleased to learn there’s a savvy way to do Valentine’s Day.

A recent study showed that newly-hitched Aussies will drop up to $315 each on gifts and preparation for February 14. Here’s how you can be a hopeless romantic, without breaking the Bank.

1. It’s simple. Don’t buy roses.

Roses are about as cliché as they come, and a gift by any other name would smell as sweet. The reality is, many florists and gift shops will hike up their prices while appealing to your inner romantic. When you’re buying a present, try to concentrate on something LASTING. Your gift will go a longer way, and let’s face it – won’t start to wilt within days.

2. Let nature take its course

A pretty sight won’t cost you a pretty penny. Rather than spending over $60 for 2 movie tickets, some popcorn and drinks – let Mother Nature take the lead. Australia’s blessed with so many beautiful beaches, parks, and private spots. Your options are endless: take a hike together and some pictures at the peak, or simply lay out a blanket and treat your mate to a magical evening beneath the stars. The wind in your hair, and the sound of crashing waves will do the wooing.

3. Borrow your outfit

It’s normal to want to look your best for your special date. Before you spend a week’s paycheck on a new outfit, matching shoes, and a complete salon styling – think of raiding your sister, brother, or best-friend’s wardrobe. Chances are you’ve seen something of theirs that you like – and it’ll feel like new to you (and your date) when you wear it.

4. Share an experience

Why not use Valentine’s Day as a chance to treat yourself to something you’ve wanted too. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of skydiving, or stand-up paddle boarding. With this two birds-one stone approach, you’ll make a memory together, and it’ll save you having to fork out for this on a separate occasion.

5. Do-it- yourself

Think about your skills, and then put those to good use for your partner. Maybe you’re good with your hands – a massage will create intimacy, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Got culinary skills to rival most Masterchefs? Make your love a meal to remember, or better yet – cook it up together. A gift from the heart is one that’s most treasured. Learn the difference between expensive, and valuable.

6. Get Group Buying

There are literally thousands of local deals available on Aussie group-buying sites, like GroupOn and LivingSocial. These vouchers allow you to get gifts and dining experiences at very heavy discounts, plus you can hang on to them until you’re ready to enjoy together.

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