Thank you, thank you, thank you – hundreds more savings tips and side hustles have arrived this week in response to our hunt for Australia’s best pandemic entrepreneurs.

We followed Barefoot Investor’s advice a few years ago, and it has allowed us to sit very comfortably financially. But, for extra cash, I started doing online surveys when I would normally be aimlessly Facebook scrolling, and I have signed up to Cash Rewards for cash back on lots of websites!


Honestly just selling clothes here and there is easy money! going through the wardrobe and finding items you don’t wear anymore and selling them is a great way to make some side money.


Cleaning contracts! There’s PLENTY of them! 🙂


Setting up a SMSF and then purchasing an investment property where there has been high growth and further potential to renovate and increase the value of the property for the long term.


Invest in long term stocks with dividends with money saved over lockdown with the idea to help build and support income in the future


I put away 70% of my pay check and try not touch it till the next week I get paid, its tough during the pandemic but this money would really help me a lot at home/


Don’t waste your precious time scrolling through meaningless twaddle. Head to Ozbargain – Competitions – 25 words or less and get cracking. Use your brain and make your answer quirky, different and from the heart. I won $15,000 last year doing just that!


Set up a separate bank account. Calculate all your bill payments for the year, include car and health expenses. Divide by 26 being fortnightly wages and deposit into account. From main account work out food and general expenses. Set savings amount transfer to saving account.


I began hand making polymer clay accessories and discovered people will pay a premium for hand made items so have begun my small business selling polymer clay accessories which turns a very good profit. Only costs me time.


Shifting to a retainer structure over hourly invoicing helped to forecast monthly earnings and more efficiently scale my time! This made it super easy to set a recurring transfer out to cover taxes and super – automating this meant I didn’t see this money to miss it!


I look for bargain horse items for auction on line, and in op shops when open. Eg I found pair of RMWilliams mens leather bots for $6.00 and advertised them on market place for $85.00. Ibuy damaged horse rugs, repair them on my machine and make anything up to $40.00.


I save $100 every fortnight and am working on being a Digital Marketer.


I started making headbands and headpieces. I joined some online zoom courses with various professional milliners and started creating my own. I have sold quite a few for races and weddings. A tip for saving is skip the salty & sweet snacks. You will feel and sleep better too.


I have been buying old pieces of furniture stripping them back painting them then selling them on Facebook marketplace .I have got the pieces very cheap some for free and made about $300 dollars it fun and keeps me busy during lockdown


One of the easiest ways I’ve found to save money, is simply through my bank! You can round up your purchases to a full dollar amount and this extra money will go into a savings account! For faster savings growth, I have added mine to the nearest $5 amount!

I built mud kitchens out of wooden pallets which are very cheap and sold them. Here are some from other people:


Coupons are everything. Before buying anything online, search whether there is an online discount coupon you can apply at check out to save money, there are lots of websites which list a number of them so a few minutes of time invested in discount code searching can save you alot


Search your suburb for items you would normally go to stores for ie. marketplace gumtree, often like new items brand or current r gifts or miss purchases ans the savings r crazy! It then organically leads to you selling items that clutter your life forgotten about. Some items can fetch


Buy The Entertainment Book or the app and save at restaurants etc as well as get 4% off Woolworths shopping each week by purchasing egift cards. Plus, your purchase donates a portion of the sale price to a Charity such as The Royal Deaf and Blind Society. Go to


I’ve been running a wedding planning business for 6 years. But when the pandemic hit, our business was effected significantly (and still is today!). Couples are looking for an easy way to plan their stress free wedding, so we created to help them AND boost our cash flow!


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