1Melbourne Cup is coming up next Tuesday. Have a punt by all means, but don’t go crazy and bet the house. If you win, pocket your outlayings and spend, invest or bet the difference on something else. If you lose, then you will still have your initial outlay intact.
2Are there regular withdrawals from your bank account that you really are not using, but have been too busy or lazy to cancel? That gym membership for example. Are you really using it? If so, great, but if not isn’t that a waste of money. Same for any subscriptions for which you have authorised direct debits. If you aren’t using them, you are just leaking money and its going into somebody else’s pocket.
3Check out all the voucher sites, there are so many of them out there. Pocketing and then cashing in a good value voucher can be a good way to buy things, and save at the same time.
4Try second stores – or make major stores like Harvey Norman an offer on their floor stock. You’ll be sure to get something off!
5Travelling? Get an international roaming plan. Vodafone, for instance, gives you international data and calls for an $5 a day. Optus Travel is $10 day for unlimited talk, SMS plus 50 MBs of data.

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