Our TVs and computer screens are full of “everything must go” ads in June. And it’s true, retailers do need to clear shelves to make way for new season stock; and they need the money from sales to pay for the new goods.

Buyer beware though: end of financial year can sometimes be a sneaky opportunity for retailers to foist stuff on you that’s not really reduced, or at least, it’s no cheaper than you could have bought it instore the month before.

These 10 categories are ripe for bargains, with a few words of warning.

1. Cars

This is the big one for saving wads of cash. Dealerships need to make their annual targets and they need to clear older models. You can save anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 (including added extras for free) – but only if you’ve done your homework beforehand on models, features and prices, and are prepared to go for the jugular with your negotiating.

2. White goods

What do you actually need? Make a list, then do some early exploratory work by going into a few stores in the weeks before, identifying the models you want and haggling for their best price. Then when it’s EOFY sale time, you know how much you’re really saving, which could be hundreds of bucks.

Make sure you’ve got all your measurements for the sizes that suit your kitchen or laundry best, and think about styles you prefer – stainless steel versus white or coloured finishes for instance. Then pounce.

3. Mattresses/big furniture items

A new mattress is not exciting compared to a new pair of Louboutins – but big items is where you really save, in the thousands sometimes.

Again, be armed with measurements to make sure the chaise of that sectional sofa won’t block the doorway. And be aware of what the goods would actually have cost you pre-sale, so you know what you’re actually saving.

4. Fashion

Expect anywhere from 20 to 80 percent off clothing, including underwear. Be across your labels, styles and price tags beforehand – as we know, stores often put “sale” items out that aren’t really reduced, but are just there to tempt you.

You might even try things on in advance so you’re super ready to order online.

Three extra fashionista tips: while you can get further reductions if you go right at the end of the sales, to get your size you might need to visit at the start as well.

Also, because we’ve had a warm Autumn, there should be wintry clothes galore that haven’t sold, and that they’re trying to turn over.

AND – buy timeless pieces like a good woolen coat.

5. Linen / towels

Department stores and linen outlets will be flogging their EOFY wares as well – with decent discounts though, you often have to trawl through acres of old doona sets that aren’t in the size you want.

Bear in mind, department stores often slash prices on sheets and bedding later in winter, in preparation for new threads coming to shelves in the spring.

6. Electronic goods / computers / man toys

TVs, speakers, laptops, tablets, consoles, cameras – even some of the biggest brands have deals on, though they don’t offer the same high rate of discount as fashion unfortunately. Expect more like five to 20 percent off, which can still be a decent saving off a high-end brand – Techradar has more info.

7. Phones

This is a trickier one. Techradar says “Samsung’s latest Galaxy S9 handsets and Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 flagships could well be available for less, as could older models.”

Chances are, the latest models won’t be much cheaper at the end of the financial year because Apple and Samsung don’t necessarily bring in new models at the start of July. But look out for retailers getting into the spirit of EOFY, especially with older models.

8. Pharma / cosmetics

Whether it’s DJs, Myer or Priceline, they do great sales in June – for your everyday chemist goods, as well as make-up, hair and skin products. Make this the time of year to stock up on products you use every day.

9. Baby stuff

Yes, you can save on the expensive items like prams, change tables and cribs; and the savvy mums at essentialbaby.com.au say if you layby, you can wait and pick up the goods once the baby arrives, and the warranty kicks in from that date, giving you more time.

Ask retailers to price match too.

10. Flights

Travel tends to be driven by seasons rather than the financial year, but the airlines do generally jump in and do an EOFY sale. See the individual ‘Sales’ sections on their websites for more info – or sign up for their newsletters.

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