IphoneX 64 GB$1519-$1479-$40
13” Macbook Pro 512 GB$2299-$2889$6.95$596.96
Bose Quiet Comfort 3 headphones$429-$419.95-$9.05
WD Elements 2TB hard drive$105-$87.99-$17.01
Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch$219-$443.38$19.98$244.36
Logitech UE Boom 2$139-$179-$40
Ugg Mini Classic Boots Chestnut$49-$66.50-$17.50
Sunbeam Sleep Perfect fitted heated electric blanket (queen)$139-$119-$20

While Kogan has appeared to be smashing the Australian market recently, and Amazon Australia has been copping a lot of flack for being inferior to the American brand, which one is actually a better bet for consumers?

Savvy Shopper took a shopping list to both sites and compared the prices and shipping fees to see which one came out on top. Surprisingly, we found that there was no clear winner in terms of which site had more savings, and most products had only small price differences of $9 to $40, but we did find that Kogan was more often able to offer larger savings.

On Kogan, the MacBook Pro was significantly cheaper, with a saving of $596.96 including delivery, and the FitBit was almost half the price, at $219 versus $443.

As usual, your best bet is to shop around and compare the product you want across both sites: we saved $984.88 off our shopping list by using both Kogan and Amazon.

If it’s of interest, keep in mind that Kogan offers Frequent Flier points on purchases and almost all their products have free delivery, while Amazon Australia has recently launch Prime here, which makes deliveries super fast and free. Prime carries an annual fee of $59.

Need to treat that winter ache or pain? You can save

If all that price comparison has given you a headache, it might be worth comparing which paracetamol or ibuprofen you’re buying. For example, while Panadol costs $3.50 for a 20 pack of tablets at Woolworths, their home brand paracetamol costs only $0.70, though they both contain 500mg of paracetamol.

And while home brand ibuprofen tablets cost $1.55 for 24, Nurofen costs $5.90. And, yes, they both contain 200mg of ibuprofen.

The same goes in the pharmacy. Unless your doctor has specifically told you that you need a specific brand of a medication because of an ingredient present in a generic brand, you can safely say yes to pharmacy savings.

Telstra calling

We’re hanging on the line for Telstra’s new plans with unlimited data. Customers will find plans reduced from 700 to just 20, including free unlimited data – which they have to call “peace of mind” for legal reasons.

From July, Telstra will implement its ‘‘ peace of mind’ ’ data, which gives its customers additional data capped at 1.5 megabits per second once they have reached their agreed monthly cap.

In May Telstra launched its first unlimited data plan for $69 a month when customers bring their own device, but only the first 40 gigabytes of data were uncapped, and any data used over this amount saw the speeds drop to 1.5Mbps.

But our advice: wait for TPG’s offerings shortly. They are said to be groundbreaking.

Stay warm!

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