Coupon crazy

Do you enjoy a good eBay bargain hunt? You can make your deals even sweeter by using coupons, with OzBargain and Top Bargains a good starting point for current offers, or go straight to eBay for all the Australian coupon codes.

At time of writing that includes offers like: 20 per cent off items at The Good Guys, (e.g., save $560 on a Samsung fridge that’s usually $2,799). Or there’s 10 per cent off eBay AU until 8 July, if you spend at least $50. On an Apple Macbook Air 13” 2017, you’ll save $121.

FYI, as of this week, GST now applies to pre-discounted prices of applicable imports. *sad face*

Bags of profit

With plastic bag bans coming into force in our supermarkets, what will savvy shoppers do? If you buy the 15-cent single-use bags, and you pay for 10 per week, you’ll be spending somewhere around $78 per year. And creating more plastic waste.

To save money (and waste), the idea is to take re-usable bags to the supermarket. Some are more environmentally friendly than others, according to this wrap-up. But if you buy 10 “green” bags at $1 to $2 each and have them on hand to take to the shops, you’ll be saving more than $700 over 10 years if you keep using those same bags.

Remembering to take them with you is the hardest part. We suggest keeping a couple of eco-friendly fold-up bags in your handbag or backpack for small purchases, and permanently stashing your green bags in the car boot for big shopping expeditions.

By the way, Woolies would be making $250m if everyone used the single-use bags just once. That’s why I pick Woolies…shares

Powershop passing on the savings in NSW

Powershop has announced that NSW customers will have reduced energy rates from 1 July – basically they’ve been able to buy energy below current wholesale prices, and are passing the 3 per cent saving onto customers. That’s about $47 per year on average they say. They did the same thing in Victoria in March 2018 and the average Victorian customer was predicted to save $70 a year, based on a 5 per cent reduction in rates.

Not so super

Super Ratings is a useful site that monitors our superannuation providers, showing which funds have performed best, which have lowest fees etc. This is very important information when deciding where to put your hard-earned super savings, and well worth browsing.

The results to 30 April 2018 led Sydney Morning Herald finance writer George Cochrane to recommend a reader leave their super fund (State Super), based on its poor ratings. He compared State Super to another, better-performing fund (Australian Super) which had delivered “a 27 per cent improvement” in seven years.

To put that in dollar terms, it could amount to earning tens of thousands of dollars more over seven years, if your balance is in the hundreds of thousands. So — are you in the right fund right now?

Take a hike

Aldi’s special buys for Saturday 7 July include hiking socks and shoes, puffer jackets and vests, thermal underwear, merino jackets – even merino briefs for ladies and men! Plus there’s lots of camping equipment.

Doing some quick price comparisons – ladies’ ultralight down jackets can cost you anywhere from $90 to $160 at specialist camping retailers or fashion outlets. The Aldi version is $49.99, a saving of between $40 and $110.

And Aldi’s lightweight camping chair at $39.99 is $60 cheaper than the Kathmandu version. No excuses for staying home in front of the telly now!

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