On your marks… EOFY sales coming soon

The end-of-financial-year sales are almost upon us, starting late May/early June. David Jones confirms theirs starts 29 May so put that in your calendar. Other stores are a bit more cagey; they don’t want you holding out for cheaper prices…

Meanwhile there are always sales on somewhere. Like Myer’s ‘Click Frenzy Mayhem Go Nuts’ online sale. That includes 50 percent off Tefal and Analon cookware: save $200 on a 5-piece Tefal non-stick cookware set; or save $400 on a 5-piece Analon copper cookware set.

EOFY madness for car buyers

This month we’ll start to see all the ads from car manufacturers promoting their end-of-financial-year (EOFY) sales with dealers and brands pressured to hit sales targets. There’s a bit of research involved in getting a good deal, so best to start now. Kochie and Libby have some good tips – they say buying a second-hand car is far better value; and they say looking at third-party websites like www.carsales.com.au and www.drive.com.au make it easy to get up to speed on used and new car models and prices.

Full details on offers will be revealed later in the month, but have a read of the drive.com.au article to see what deals were offered last year. Expect to save from $1000 to $5000 or more.

Petrol pricing villains named

As a follow-up to our previous Savvy Shopper petrol pricing story, the ACCC has named Coles Express as the most expensive petrol retailer on average across the five main capital cities. BP and Caltex aren’t much better.

In dollar terms, Sydneysiders experience a 9.5c per litre difference between the highest and lowest average price. For a 60-litre tank, that makes it a $5.70 difference in cost. If you fill up once a week, that’s almost $300 a year.

Woolworths and the independent petrol retailers are generally cheapest, the ACCC found.

Savvy Seasonal Shopping

One of the golden rules of frugal grocery shopping is to buy fruit and vegetables in season, when they’re plentiful and cheap. For what’s in season in May, check out the guide at taste.com.au.

But where to get the best price? Do you go farmers’ market or the supermarket? Good Food did some comparisons in 2016 – and the results are surprising. Farmers’ markets aren’t always more expensive, and their offering generally tastes better. But their produce doesn’t always transport as well or last as long.

Nicolle White from Frugl.com.au says Paddy’s Markets in Sydney (or your local equivalent) are best for cheap, good-quality fruit and veg. But everyone’s got an opinion – check out this OzBargain forum.

Keep your eye out for news of bumper crops too – produce will be even cheaper. For example, Queensland cauliflowers, zucchinis, lettuce and tomatoes were 50% cheaper last year after unexpectedly warm weather.

Constantly late flights? Time to complane

CHOICE are on the warpath again – talking about late flights, urging you to lodge a complaint directly to your airline here: choice.com.au/complane

They quote data that reveals around one in every five flights between Sydney and Melbourne is running late the worst offender being Jetstar. So they’re calling for airlines to pay consumers fixed financial compensation for certain flight delays and cancellations, using the example of the European Union where there’s a standard system of compensation of up to $900 (650 euros). The airlines aren’t having a bar of it, of course.

Travel to get warm

While we’re talking flights – if winter’s arrival is a shock to the system and you need a balmy holiday pronto, make sure you research your deals online.

Using Expedia as an example, they’ve got deals on Fiji holidays including flights and 5-star accommodation at The Warwick Fiji for $1374 per person for seven nights (1 – 8 June). That’s a saving of $532 for two people, with one free night’s accommodation and free breakfast every day. Buffet, here we come!

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