Global online giant Amazon is expected to launch in Australia anytime soon. While the country manager Rocco Braeuniger declined to reveal the date, some retail analysts say it could be as early as Black Friday on November 24.

Before you jump online and go shopping with your fingers, here are six tips on how to get the best deals on Amazon.

  •   Use coupons, discounts and price guarantees. Check out Amazon’s changing roster of online coupons for discounts on everything from shampoo to stationery. Some promotions are especially good as prices are slashed by up to 30 per cent discount on certain products
  •   Time your purchase. Amazon’s prices can change at anytime. So keep checking on the items you are interested in to get the best prices.
  •   Check out Amazon Best Sellers for Gifts. If you want to know what’s a red hot items for kids, check out Amazon’s Best Sellers for answers. It works like a gift guide with a selection of top products in different categories.
  •   Keep an eye on Today’s Deals. The deals page offers shoppers a limited-time discounts on certain products. Keep an eye out for time-sensitive deals of the day.
  •   Subscribe and Save. If you are a regular online shopper and order the same products time and time again, then sign up for the Subscribe and Save program which is really helpful. It lets shoppers set up automatic delivery of certain items every month, saving time and money.
  • Extend your range of categories. While Amazon is best known for selling books and electronics, it now has a wide range of products in various categories. Keep an open mind and check out the  selection of clothes for sale.

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