It’s been a tough time for anyone keeping to their money plans during the pandemic.  Now, Really Simple Money is seeking to share the best money making schemes or savings tips to help all of us during one of the toughest times for families and workers in living memory.

All you have to do is share to win.

We’ll feature the best – and you’ll know you are helping thousands of people get on with their lives while this pandemic is still hurting millions across the planet.

Or did you turn to share trading?  Hundreds have opened accounts with the Commonwealth Bank’s Comsec – which offers learning tools, or new platforms like – which claims to be one of the cheapest around.

What about Crypto currencies?  We’ve all read the stories of how to get rich on those, right?

We want to hear them all.

And you won’t be winning simply because you made the most money (though that helps!).  We’re looking for things we can all do – and that made you money, made you so happy you will probably continue with them long after we’ve beaten COVID and moved on to better things.

Want some inspiration?


Here are some well-known tips to make you a great saving.  And see our 100 greatest saving tips to fire up your frenzy of frugality even more!

1. What’s your goal

Set yourself an end game:  a home deposit?  More in your super?  A shiny red sports car?  They are all goals and will mentally prepare you.  Make a wish list – it’s fun (but not as much fun as making those wishes come true!). See our series on this here

2. Now hack into spending that’s stupid

Ok, the wish list was fun.  This isn’t. On the first day of next month, look at what you spent the previous month, putting essentials and non-essentials into different lists. What’s the difference. Hmmm..that’s why you are reading this?

Essentials include rent, loans, car payments, groceries.  None essentials include take-out food, foreign travel and too many coffees (let’s not go to handbags, shoes and pedicare).

There is something called the  50-30-20 rule –  50% of your take-home to go toward essentials; 30% toward non-essentials; and 20% toward savings.

Don’t worry – there’s an App for that. See

3. Don’t pay interest – and if you do, negotiate a better rate!

Today’s money world, where interest rates are low and AfterPay means you can get money interest free, you’re mad if you’re paying through the nose for money.  But hey – we’ve all been there. You know, though, that it’s the first thing to dump if you can.  And reassessing how to get rid of it is a great thing to do.

You can find out more here

4. Set and forget

Plenty of people have made a fat living out of telling you how to deal with money – the Barefoot Investor for one. His bucket system is just another version of having several bank accounts – one for saving, one of recurring expenses, one for a rainy day.  You can have as many as you want.

The trick is to set you bank account to pay into these from your salary or pay packet EVERY MONTH. Get more help here

5. You’re not alone

Recruit your friends to help you save.  Form a club.  Create a Facebook group. Tell everyone what you are setting out to achieve and share your wins and losses.  it really works. We’ll help right here at Really Simple Money.


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