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Every week, Really Simple Money brings you some great money-saving tips.  Today we focus on the home and how you can introduce some simple measures around the house to cut back on your bills.

61) Cut your shower time to four minutes or less. It also helps to install a water-saving showerhead.

62) While waiting for the shower water to warm up, save the cold water in a bucket and use it in the garden or to water your pot plants.

63) Use your dishwasher. They generally use a lot less water than washing your dishes by hand in the sink.

64) Avoid rinsing dishes under a running tap. It wastes a lot of water.

65) Use a front loader. They use a lot less water than top loaders.

66) Wash clothes in cold water and lower the temperature on your hot water system to 60 C.

67) Turn down your gas heater by a few degrees. It will save you money on your bill. You are also not likely to notice a huge difference in temperature if you lower it slightly.

68) Use a trigger nozzle if you are washing your car with a hose. Turn the water off when sponging the car. Alternatively, you can use a low-flow, high pressure car cleaner which helps to remove dirt. This makes the job faster.

69) Don’t renew your car insurance without shopping around for a better deal. You can save hundreds of dollars on greenslip renewals with services like the Motor Accident Authority’s greenslip comparison page for NSW.

70) Cut back on coffee and alcohol drinking at home – it will not only save money, but also make you healthy.

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