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Every week, Really Simple Money brings you some great money-saving tips.  Today we focus on how you can cut your day-to-day spending especially when you go supermarket shopping.

51) Shop after 7 pm at supermarkets, many drop their prices in the evenings when they know they have to shift perishable products before the end of the day.

52) Shop alone, people who shop as a couple tend to put more in their trolley as each person will have their own idea on what’s important and should be purchased.

53) Don’t ask: “What’s the cheapest way to get all the goodies I want?” Instead ask yourself: “On my budget of  $xxx, what can I afford?”

54) Don’t believe in brand hypnosis. Whether it is bacon, biscuits or baked beans, if something costs more, it’s got to be better, right? The answer is wrong.

55) Try dropping one brand level on everything you buy. If you can’t tell the difference, stick to the cheaper one.

56) Many people tend to buy branded washing powders, shower gels and other cleaning products. The saving is huge if you scale back and buy home brands instead. After all, many of the products are made at the same factories.

57)  Just because a supermarket lists an item as “on offer”, it does not mean that it is cheap. Always use unit pricing to compare value for money, check the price per 100 grams and choose the cheaper option.

58) Avoid the extras – products offering 100grams extra for little cost often mean you don’t save money because you’ll eat more.

59) Avoid big supermarkets if you only need to top up a few things. You are better off in a small store as it takes more effort to get around a big supermarket and you may be tempted to stock up more.

60) Last-minute temptations such as lollies, chocolates and magazines are located near the checkout to entice bored and tired shoppers while they wait to be served. Try to resist!

These tips are part of our World’s Best Savings Tips series.

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