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These simple savings tips for cutting back at the supermarket also make you feel better and healthier too. Good Housekeeping magazine produces dozens of great tips and we’re indebted to them for these cool summer savers.  

91) Beanz meanz savings. You can save $10 or more choosing protein-packed beans, chickpeas and lentils instead of animal protein like chicken or beef, according to Good Housekeeping’s food and nutrition savers.

92) Say nuts to that. Use nuts and seeds instead of small goods like deli meats and save about $10. Cutting back on deli meat for peanut butter and similar products makes for a more nutritious lunch choice that is an affordable way to get additional fibre.

93) My slim Greek wedding. Have low-fat Greek yogurt instead of tempting smoothies. According to Good Housekeeping, unsweetened Greek-style yogurt can save you $13 versus some “sweetened” smoothie drinks that you find at the supermarket.

94) Say cheese – cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is always a favourite when stock up on nutrition and cutting back on spending.  It’s a more nutritious and affordable replacement for other cheeses. Cottage cheese is filling and tastes great in salads or in place of a higher-fat cheese like burrata or even mozzarella on pizza.

95) It’s no yolk… Add eggs to just about anything, from vegetables to soups and chilli.  They are not just for breakfast! you want at least one yolk. That’s where you’ll find most of the nutrients in eggs.

96) Catch of the day in a can. Canned fish is reasonably priced, lasts a long time and is good for you. Sardines, anchovies, salmon, and tuna are all great options

97) Be a fresh food person. Eat fresh – but buy what’s in season, and consider stocking up when you find a good deal. Use the freezer and buy tasty corn when you can get it for $1 for two pieces, then cut it from the ear and freeze it in bags.

98) Cheap is cool! Don’t be afraid to hit the sale corner, or follow that sales assistant with the marker pen.  She’s probably slashing the prices of anything that goes out of date in 48 hours. Instead of shopping for groceries based on your weekly meal plan, consider planning your meals around what’s on sale. Wear your bargains with pride and brag about them!  

99) Be an adventurous carnivore. You don’t have to give up meat just because you’re saving. Try chicken thighs and get a slow cooker to produce sumptuous meals from slightly tougher cuts. Cuts with bone, skin, and organs are really inexpensive.  Just Google and recipes and be amazed!

100) Some like it hot! Indian and Mexican dishes use lots of beans and rice – good, inexpensive staples produced with fabulous rich sauces that don’t cost much to buy or make. They don’t rely on meat, and have lots of protein and fibre.

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