It’s my favourite time of the week – reading about how you are managing to make money during the pandemic

Our competition to find Australia’s most enterprising pandemic entrepreneurs is proving to be better than The Shark Tank at discovering the best money making ideas.

So here is the latest batch – find inspiration and enter our contest here:

My partner and I started an online personalised cookie business during lockdown @cookie_corner_sydney! It’s been amazing for us and taken off better than we ever expected! She works from home, bakes and personalises while I pack and box after work

Every day I commit to choosing one item in my house that I don’t use and sell it on Marketplace or Ebay

Live streaming in spare time to create content and make some pocket money!

Online grocery shopping is a great way to avoid those in the moment purchases you don’t really need or want. I have significantly reduced my grocery bill (and calories) by purchasing online.

I bought a camper trailer and now rent it out on Camplify, making me extra income aswell as being a great investment asset for tax purposes. I also buy discount gift cards to use for groceries from Suncorp and Budget Rewards programs.

The pandemic has shown us that we really cannot rely on one source of income. I have learnt how to trade Forex/HFX, I’ve invested in Crypto and I’m currently learning e-commerce/drop shipping. Take this time to learn a skill set where you can make money from your smartphone or laptop.

I sold Fake Nail Removal Kits to locals with delivery via facebook, as people couldn’t get to their nail appointment

The best way I have found to make money during the pandemic is to buy face shields and face masks on ebay and sell them on facebook for double the price I paid for them. I have made $2300 so far this year alone.

I recently bought a couple of 3D printers, and I am selling some of the models I make to my model train club mates. This gives me a bit of money, and covers the cost of the printer material.

I made a donut wall that we hire out

Return and earning bottles and cans is my fuel money. Donating blood gets me out of the house and temporarily fed. Listening and calling up the radio for competitions is my next focus..

On unpaid parental leave during covid, had to save money as single mum. Easy sustainable tip, bulk buy online groceries ONCE a month. With free delivery on $300+ it’s covid free, stick to list, seek 50% specials, Tupperware fruit/veg prolonged storage, bulk cook and freeze EQUALS increased family time, winning!

I bought items cheaply on a bidding site and sold them for profit online. It really helped having the extra money coming in so ive continued doing it. Id love to win this so i can set up home dog grooming for an income.

I reuse teabags twice, and hang out wet paper towels to dry and reuse and cut open toothpaste tubes to scrape out the remaining toothpaste.

Grew a beard saved on razors and shaving cream.

I’m a music teacher and during the pandemic I started offering zoom lessons for private students (outside of school). I was really surprised by the high demand for online lessons, and it has become a great alternative when students can’t attend lessons even when we are out of lockdown!

Noticing a shortage or scrub caps for healthcare workers, I designed, made and sold my own scrub caps that included buttons on the sides so masks could be hooked into the button instead of ears! Not only did this keep frontline workers safe, it also saved their ears!

I am a primary teacher and I started publishing my worksheets I design for school and and sell them on Etsy, teacher pay teachers, and my own website and basically make money in my sleep.

My partner and I started a side-hustle which has now turned into a business where we repair vintage electronics and hifi gear!

Government still allow 30,000+ attend AFL, so I busked outside the oval and regularly made over $1k 🙂 (have made almost $10k from busking)

If you’re a parent (or grandparent!) you can get paid to review baby products you’ve tried on the website You earn Coles, Kmart and Target vouchers – you can do it while watching TV at night, or when the kids are napping. It all helps!

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