Celebrities will tell you it costs a lot to achieve “natural beauty”.  But you can save and still look your best, simply by using common sense and a sunny smile.

One of our directors, Lisa Weaver, recently did the beauty maths – and got a shock. “I worked out that I spend over $4,000 each year on my hair, face, skin and nails.  (I can hear my husband gasping, “WTF!”)

“And I don’t really consider myself all that high maintenance.  I’m not into injectables, laser treatments, plastic surgery or anything permanent and expensive.  Like most women I know, I just head to hairdressers, nail salon and beautician fairly regularly to keep things “maintained” as best I can.”

There is an enormous amount spent marketing beauty products.  When you go into Myer or David Jones stores, who occupies the prized entrance sales booths?  Yep.  It’s the beauty and make up counters.

But is that collagen essence ($200 for 30 ml) or beebio nectar ($129 for 30ml) worth it?

Lisa consulted a dermatologist and was told:

  • Your genetics determine how you look and there isn’t a silver bullet that will change that
  • Most vitamins that are swallowed end up in your toilet (along with your money)
  • Drinking water and getting sleep are your best beauty friends
  • The best anti-aging product is supermarket sunscreen

And the “sunny smile”. A positive attitude makes a big difference to the way your body ages.  And a smile is free!

Lisa reckoned she could halve that $4,000 annual bill.  “I believe that with a bit of sensible adjustments, I could half that amount fairly easily.”

Here are her tips

  • Buy multi-tasking products

Double-duty make-up and beauty products are the best way to save time, space and most importantly money. Buy a daily moisturiser that has sunscreen in it.  Or rather than getting spray tans, add some cheap foundation to your body moisturiser and apply each day.  How about trying a little lipstick as blush? It works a treat.

  • Don’t snub pharmacy brands

Well known French brands have never been able to prove that their results are better than the cheaper brands. You are literally paying a premium for the brand only. Chemist Warehouse has a huge range of lesser-known brands at discounted prices.

  • Watch YouTube hair and make-up tutorials 

You can save a great deal of money (not to mention time and hassle) by doing your own hair and make-up for a special event.

  • Ask for an apprentice hairdresser – and don’t be upsold

There is a huge variation in prices you can pay at a hairdresser. Most salons offer a discounted rate for the services of apprentice or junior hairdresser.  Even if you have booked the senior, I find that the junior does most of the work anyway under the supposed supervision of the senior.  Importantly, don’t buy a product that is suggested to you by the hairdresser.  They are master salespeople!

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