When inflation and interest rates are on the rise – which could affect everything from your weekly food bill to your mortgage – it’s important to know whether you can continue to make ends meet.

Your bills are about to get higher but what if your wages don’t pick up at the same speed?

Turns out there’s a simple tool that can help you figure out how you’re tracking – and not a lot of people are talking about it. A digital wealth report can help set you on the road to make your money work harder, so you don’t have to.

A few weeks back, our Supawomen podcast host Genevieve Frost puts co-host Rosie Jacob’s finances to the test with MLC’s wealth peport to see how she’s tracking

The results were a big surprise.

And in the second of our two part series, Rosie talks to financial adviser Michelle Stone about what the results mean for her future.

Watch part 1: Rosie takes the test

Watch part 2: Rosie gets her results

Want to take your own financial health test? It’s completely free thanks to our partnership with MLC.

Just use the coupon code WOMEN2022.

Get your money health report now

Rosie and Gen: Rosie takes a digital wealth test

Rosie and Gen: Rosie gets the results from her digital wealth test

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