Really Simple Money’s Supawoman campaign for superannuation financial fairness has reached one million Australians just as the election campaign kicks off.

Our podcasts and videos have also been well, received, with more than 18,000 listeners and 133,000 views of our videos.

And a new Exclusive poll of our supporters shows huge support for helping women bridge the gender gap on super, with almost 35 per sent saying the issue would affect their vote. Another 15 per cent said they weren’t sure.

Over 8 in ten (82%) per cent supported women being paid super while they take parental leave, the period in their lives where the gender gap in super savings starts to blow out.

Yet both political parties have agendas with little help for women in retirement – the Liberal Coalition dumped a proposal after it was halted by election spokesperson and social services minister Anne Ruston, who is now their main spokeswoman and the female face for Scott Morrison.

And Labor’s Tanya Plibersek told Really Simple Money Labor, which supported super on parental leave at the last election, had now dumped it because they claimed they could not afford it.

The poll was conducted just as the election was called.  The vast majority of you who answered were women, with only 3.74% coming from men.

.Retirement was nominated as a big concern among the group. Just under a quarter (21.5%) said that you wanted to make more money while 10.28% said you were thinking about unemployment.

A large number of you (64.49%) were unimpressed with the budget and said that it has made them less likely to support the government in the upcoming federal election, which was announced on Sunday for May 21. 

The Labor party looks like getting most favour. Just under half were happy with the Labor Party’s budget response, with 46.73% saying it would make you more likely to vote for Labor at the upcoming election.

Over half (52.34%) thought that Labor leader Anthony Albanese would introduce financial policies that would help end the gender gap.

It is very clear that you support paying women superannuation during parental leave to help the gender superannuation gap. 

73.83% said the government had made the wrong decision in not supporting the payment of superannuation while mothers are on parental leave.

Previously it was assumed that a woman would be the primary carer of a child. The government has said that couples will now have 20 weeks of parental leave and they can choose who is the primary carer.

A strong 66.36% of you were in favour of this decision.

The big majority (70.09%) said you would support a political party that promised to act on the super savings gap between men and women.

The campaign has polled 1,100 mainly women since starting in February.  The latest poll was conducted straight after the Budget.

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