When you scroll the net to find out about Roxy Jacenko, you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s not a great deal going on upstairs. She has appeared on a bunch of tacky celeb style tv shows (starring as herself) but was sadly often the first to leave or be voted out.

She also has an Instagram page oozing images of oysters, lobster, Prada and Hermes gifts and her children riding ponies and being dropped off at their exclusive private schools. This is the life of a Sydney socialite at its absolute sassiest.

Or is it?

When you glance past the blonde bangs and matching Mercedes, you realise all this shameless self-promotion must have taken some bloody sheer determination. I mean, those lobsters don’t just catch themselves do they?! So, how exactly did Roxy (or Roxanne as it turns out) create such an empire of diamonds, Rolex watches and fancy cars (yes, she even managed to get all three into one shot!) all by her little blonde self?

Turns out The Rox-star has tenacity. Right under an Instagram post in bright red and black that says “Dreaming ain’t f*cking doing” is a post about her brand new online “The Influencer Bootcamp” taking enrolments for one hour a week for six weeks where mere mortals are given the opportunity to listen to Roxy speak about how she made it to the big time and how “you can do it too”. It’s all about making “2022 the year you take control” and as Roxy says “we will do it together”.

Now, don’t be afraid. It’s not as if this is just a glorified way for Roxy to make more money out of people who can’t afford to waste it, while she does little more than talk about herself, from the comfort of her LA mansion (possibly pre-recorded to appear squeaky clean and professional, with minimal actual contact with the plebs).

No, this is in fact one of a long line of similar seminars and bootcamps up Roxy’s puffy sleeve which have ranged from The Marketing Bootcamp to The Brand Bootcamp, Instagram Essentials, and more.

To be fair, it does take guts to open up your private world and your business and share your insider secrets with industry wannabes. Especially after her own husband was jailed for insider trading.

Roxy has been through the ringer. She has openly revealed that she has had a personal struggle with depression, an addiction to Nurofen, eating disorders and is a self-confessed workaholic. It’s not easy telling the world about your vulnerabilities.

Ok, well, she didn’t exactly directly admit it.  Journalist and social butterfly Ros Reines subtly pointed out once that in a book Roxy wrote called “Strictly Confidential”, a semi-fiction “behind the scenes” view of the Public Relations and Fashion industries, the characters were “so thinly disguised as to almost be see-through”. Roxy did later go on to admit in a 2013 Good Weekend feature article that she did have many similar character traits with the lead character. Ooooh, the plot thickens. Or, does it?

My favourite selling point when you watch the cleverly filmed, perfectly scripted, pre-recorded video of Roxy, teasing her boot camps is that she is sitting in front of no less than around 60 pairs of her own designer high heels. Am I the only one wondering just how down, dirty and booty this camp is going to get?

Well, 265,000 followers can’t all be idiots can they? To realise that Roxza’s social media accounts are essentially just a cleverly designed advertising platform for the brands that sponsor her and give her oodles of free sh*t. But then there literally is one post in particular of Roxzles wearing a pair of Celine sunglasses saying “wish I’d got these”… whereupon dozens of blind followers have posted comments suggesting she fly back and get them (to LA), or heaven forbid, buy them online??? Oh, minions… you clearly haven’t all done the bootcamp yet! I’m gonna bet ole Roxxie-pants was sporting said pair of sunnies withing 48 hours of tagging Celine in the post. Clever Rox-Pox afterall!!

And at the end of the day, I really actually do have to take my hat off to Roxy. She started out with her business Sweaty Betty PR at the tender age of 24. The now 42-year-old devoted wife and mum of two has much to brag about. She also has her own accessories brand, she is an ambassador for a handful of brands, she has a party decoration company, and her daughter Pixie has two of her own companies – one of fidgets, toys and accessories and another of hair bows. Bindy Irwin who?!

But if there’s one final thing I really admire most about Roxy and her success in building her brand and business, it’s that she has stuck to her word.

One recent post promoting her Brand Bootcamp says she will share “Confidence & Networking”, “Community & Content” and last but not least “Getting the most out of social media”… or if you were to read between the lines a little “Getting the most free sh*t out of social media”.

Either way, I’m impressed.

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