Get Your Super & Savings Back On Track.

We have assembled all the tools you need to get your superannuation back on track! 

How to get your super & savings back on track...

Step 1

Make sure you have secured your super. Use the 2-minute superannuation checkup to see if your super is up to scratch. Then check the results against the Retirement Forecaster to see how long your super will last.

Step 2

Now you have benchmarked where your super should be, you can start saving towards improving it! Use our Small Change Big Savings Calculator to see where you can make some quick wins every day.

Step 3

Put what you have learnt into a plan! Start by using the Workbook for Australian Women: How to plan your finances in a changing world. Download it from the bottom of this page!

Step 4

Sign up to our campaign to help end gender inequality in superannuation!

How does your super size up?

Compare your super savings with other Aussies today. Take our 2 -minute Super Check and learn about saving for retirement along the way. 


Small Change Big Savings Calculator

See how you could potentially add to your retirement savings by reducing your spending on everyday items.

Find the right level of cover for you

The calculator helps provide an estimate of what insurance you may need for death cover, total and permanent disablement (TPD) and income protection.


Retirement Forecaster

The Retirement Forecaster is designed to give you an estimate of:

1. How much super you may have in retirement

2. How long your super will last.

How to plan your finances in a changing world

There’s never been a better time to take a fresh look at your money,  reset your goals and renew your plans for your future. Download the Essential Workbook for Australian Women here.

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