It’s the battle of the sexes that has now spilled over into the land of investment. And we know that, whatever the experts say, you’ll have your own answers.

The Weekend Australian’s wealth section kick-started the debate with a headline: Are women better investors?

Apparently the NAB issued a report suggesting women were more likely to lose money because they were “too conservative”.

The writer pointed out there were numerous studies showing a conservative approach was a good thing – and chief investment officer at Escala Partners Giselle Roux certainly begged to differ.
“I don’t think people are born to invest differently because they are male or female.”

Now we know this is dangerous territory. In our last issue of the Really Simple Guide to Money, we carried a piece entitled Mars v Venus – explaining men and women have different attitudes to money.

Nicole Pederson-McKinnon, a finance writer who regularly writes for us and other publications, set seven ways in which the sexes do things differently.

As well as “balancing the power – not just the budget”, she also suggests that assessing the risk is carried out differently.

In an argument that goes against the NAB’s finding, profiling service FinaMetrica says in one in six relationships, the woman is the bigger risk taker.

The biggest hurdle is sometimes ensuring a couple agree their goals and how to achieve them.

Pederson-McKinnon advises: “Work towards a common, considered and considerate purpose and together you can achieve great things.”
What do you think?

Tell us your best “money and the sexes” story in the comments section – and win a bottle of champagne!

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