[dropcap size=big]1[/dropcap]Start planning your Christmas shopping. The key words here is to “plan“. If you turn up at the shops without a list or a strict budget in mind, you will undoubtedly overspend.  Firstly, thing of the budget per present and then decide on the right type of gift and research where you can get the best deal for it online before you buy it.

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Get rid of your old bank statements and financial documents you’ve been storing in a drawer or a pile under the bed.  You must ensure you dispose of them properly so they can’t be read.  Shredding is best.  When it comes to identity theft, thieves looking at paperwork left in garbage bins are a bigger threat than internet hackers.

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Change the oil in your car.  You’ll improve your petrol consumption and your engine’s lifespan if you use good quality and clean oil in your car.

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Check out your credit card balance and make sure you’re on track to repaying as much as you can before you are charged your monthly interest.  Remember interest is the arch enemy of debt reduction efforts.

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Do something nice for your spouse.  Studies show that married people earn higher incomes, have twice the assets at retirement, and live on 25% less that what comparable single people would need to live the same lifestyle.  Statistically speaking, staying married is good for your finances.

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